Our project our values

Our Journey, a trip around the world under sail

We have always dreamed of sailing around the world. After the time of the dream, came the time of the project, the time of the preparation and finally the great departure.

This journey is at our rhythm, along the sea water and according to the wind.

Discover new shores, make beautiful encounters. This world is so vast. You never get tired of it.

We can cast off and go for a long period or permanently on our boat. But we don’t want that trip. Leaving family, friends, professional relationships for a long time can disconnect us from reality and create a gap between us and the world we live in.

To keep in touch with those we love and maintain a professional activity. The trip is intermittent, 3 to 4 months a year. Moreover, winter in Europe corresponds to a drop in our professional activity since we are hoteliers in Geneva with a business clientele. It is also summer in the southern hemisphere.

The idea of spending the northern winter in the tropics is a real joy.


Catamaran Ciceron
Catamaran Ciceron at Lanzarotte Canaries

We never get tired of the journey, a discovery, an encounter. But maybe if it’s all year, it gets too much.

Our choice is therefore the « split » journey. We love to leave and the preparation of the trip already makes us dream. We discover on the maps, the world map, or on photos the places we will visit. The meetings to do. At the end of the annual voyage around the world, we have to find a place where our boat will be safe and then we look forward to returning to ours.

The Sea is our guide

Ciceron mer arrière
Canary Islands – Cape Verde Force 6-7

We live in one of the rare environments where Man has no hold. We control neither the sea nor the wind. So it is the weather conditions that will punctuate our trip. Fortunately forecasters are making enormous progress and reliability is becoming more and more remarkable.

We sail as much as possible in the direction of the wind, downwind, pushed by the wind and the sea. This will determine the shipping routes we will take. The aim is to use the engines as little as possible and the boat progresses much better this way.

It is a great satisfaction to sail around the world. In communion with nature, no noise, no pollution and no oil consumption. We travel with respect for nature and with minimum carbon impact.  By producing as little waste as possible. We take some fish by trolling. But just what we need and nothing else.

The sea is polluted

The coasts we visit are dirty, the sea is often a dustbin and we would like to make the people of the world aware of ecology and a sustainable economy.

Rio de Janeiro is a mythical city for its beaches, the samba, the carnival, the party…

But I can tell you that Rio Bay is a filthy trash can. When you arrive by sea, you are amazed by the « sugar loaf » that borders the entrance of the bay then in the distance the « Corcovado » and this huge bridge that crosses the bay.

Then you look at the water, it’s black and littered with garbage of all kinds. The smell is nauseating. When I got there, I realized I wouldn’t eat fish in Rio. The sea and oceans are at the heart of our global system. They must absolutely be preserved.