VALENCIA (spain) ->LANZAROTE (Canaries island)

Beginning of the journey on sea in the world

We decided to sail the boat to the Canaries Island in early autumn 2017. Following my friend Albert Brel’s advice and in order to avoid lows at the beginning of winter which can cause strong winds and heavy seas.

We leave Valencia (Spain) mid October. The crew is composed of Nathalie, Dominique, Gérard and Amaury. The dogs stayed in Geneva. It’s too short to fly. It remains complex for the dogs to fly and we are waiting for a bigger journey so that they can accompany us.

Détroit de Gibraltar
AIS of the Strait of Gibraltar. We’re not alone.

We stop in Alicante then Gibraltar to make fuel. Then heading south. The next day we break down with the main pilot, then we realize that the emergency pilot is not working either. Plus, not a breath of air, so we’re helming for four days. We meet many nets at night. They are lit by blue leds (very pretty). A small bird stop his journey to rest on board, it is rather frequent at sea. A large quantity of dolphins come to play in the bow. Then we arrive in the Canaries, on the island of Lanzarote.


Dominique à la table à carte
Dominique at the chart table, When you travel at sea the logbook is full every hour
Dominique à la barre
Dominica against the oil tanker, who will win?
Nathalie, I’m helming without hands. And hop.

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