TENERIFE (canaries island) -> MINDELO (capo verde)

We get to the heart of the matter of the travel

We leave at 12:00.
This is our first major crossing.

We can’t wait, it’s the excitement. The great adventure around the world begins.

Destination Mindelo. 6 days at sea, the sun is there. We are finally happy for the long-awaited moment.

At the exit of the creek, the sea is calm then very quickly, After we get a little shaken. What we did not imagine is that the whole crossing will be like this.

We were expecting 20 to 25 knots of wind according to forecasts, the reality is quite different we have 30 to 35 knots with heavy sea and waves of 3 to 4 meter.

Canary Capo Verde
Canary Capo Verde
Force 6 -7 beaufort
Force 6 -7 beaufort

Conditions are difficult, the waves between the two hulls make a lot of constant and repetitive noise.

The first night was strenuous. Some people get seasick. Others are frightened by this impressive sea. Our little Inca dog took refuge at the bottom of our cabin under the duvet and decides not to leave the cozy bed during all the crossing.





During one night, the boat clew point to the first reef of the mainsail breaks, so we are forced to take two reefs after a big fright.

After a few grueling days a red ochre dust covers the whole boat probably carried away by a wind coming from the Sahara, we breathe some, we eat some, there are some everywhere.

During these 6 days at sea, we will also experience a waterway, on the starboard side, the porthole of the bathroom opened under the pressure of the waves. Ludo will have to bail, the funds are well filled, the night continues and there is no rest for the brave. The next day, everything is in order. The disaster is averted. Good reflex, don’t panic, everyone stayed pro. Well done, everybody.

Ludo empties the funds after the waterway
Ludo empties the funds after the waterway

The road is long and finally after 6 days at sea, difficult we finally see the land, Mindelo opens his arms. But that was without counting on the weather conditions and our arrival which was supposed to take place during the day will happen at night.

This was the captain’s decision, after an intense fatigue in the crew he decided to make this arrival at night. A night landing in an unknown port is always complicated. No visibility, lot of wind, big sea, the conditions are not good, we decide to start the engines and of course the port engine refuses to start.  Jerome will go into the machine and after several attempts managed to start the engine. Big relief. We call by VHF, no answer, by phone, no answer. We make the decision to enter the Marina. Fortunately on the quay, a man waved to us, we were expected and he helped us to moor. The boat is safe, it’s 2:00 in the morning. The pressure’s off, we’ll all have a well-deserved drink. And despite the late hour we find an open barter and yes even this is unlikely, and yet….

The alcohol flowed, inevitably since the captain prohibited the consumption of the slightest drop of alcohol during the crossings.

MINDELO, here we come…

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