Sea Fishing


I’m no fishing expert. To my great surprise during our crossing of the Atlantic the fishing was wonderful.

The catches are enormous, a tuna of 15 kg, a dolphinfish of 1.23 m and many others. The excitement is enormous. The freshness of fish is incomparable. We only fish what is strictly necessary. We taste our fish with delight and happiness.

5 tips for sea fishing

Barracuda Atlantique sud
South Atlantic Barracuda

Choosing the right equipment: The quality of the rods is fundamental and a necessary investment. When we cross an ocean the conditions are hard, the equipment must follow. The choice of bait is paramount. For our part, the one that worked best is the one that looks like a red squid.
The speed of the boat must not be too high. After 8 knots we never caught anything.
From the first touch, you have to hold the wire and shoe it. During this time others stop the boat so as not to add the pressure of speed. Be careful with the wire so that it does not pass under the boat. Then gradually we will bring back the catch and tire it out. Several times a shark has taken an interest in our fish.
Depending on the size of the catch, it must be caught in the landing net or gaffer with the hook. Get the catch back on the boat as quickly as possible because the moment is critical.
To avoid violence or bloodshed, we kill our catch by pouring strong alcohol into the gills. The result is immediate and rather a beautiful end.


  • Thon rouge d'Atlantique
    Atlantic Bluefin Tuna