There, the bell rang

the biggest crossing at sea for us, in front of us, it is there, borrows both anguish and excitement of the journey, we will leave for at least 10 days.  10 days far from everything, without seeing the earth, without possible connection, the great adventure. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’re recharged, full of hope, full of images in our heads. THE DISCOVERY….

We touch our project around the world, we will cross the Atlantic. Course 180. We were advised to pass to the east of the islands of St. Peter and St. Paul to avoid that the current push us too far west on the Brazilian coast. We’re monitoring the Doldrums zone (ZIC: intertropical convergence zone), which is the trade winds of the north-east and those of the south-east meet, in this zone there’s almost no wind but the sky is disturbed, storms and squalls. We must therefore be vigilant. We learn to adjust the radar to see the big clouds coming and anticipate.

The trade winds are happiness. It’s nice and warm. The wind is steady, carrying 15 to 20 knots. Good for fishing, which is fruitful. We’re on track and everything’s going well. A surprising encounter, we met killer whales in the middle of the Atlantic. They came to sniff the boat in the back of the skirts. One of them gave us a show of strength as you can see in the video below.

For a few days the sea was littered with drifting seaweed. It is the edge of the sea of Sarguasses.

In the ZIC we made the engine then the wind came back. after 11 days, we arrive at Fernando de Norohna. Superb archipelago, magnificent natural reserve.  Everyone is happy to get ashore and especially the dogs. After the administrative formalities (entry of persons, entry of the boat,…)

We made the most of this little paradise. The reserve is forbidden to dogs. Since she’s on two-thirds of the main island. Walks are limited. Fernando de Noronha.

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