Lanzarote Canaries Island


This island is part of the Canary archipelago. We chose to leave the boat in Rubicon Marina. The welcome is nice. It’s the first time they measure the boat on arrival and all to make us pay (even the end outside). The site is mainly tourist, many bars and restaurants, souvenir shops and clothing. Little food and not cheap. You absolutely need a vehicle to do the supply.  An AD ship, pretty well equipped. We can order material in advance, it’s quite convenient.

There is a remarkable diving site nearby, the Atlantic Museum. I invite all divers to come and see it is great.

We left a bike on the dock and although being tied, it was stolen during the night so to the future crews, beware. The visit of the island is worth it, the volcanic part and some museums.


The island, on our route, is a short stopover to buy an annex (anarchist, beautiful remote photo but the state was quite different) and we quickly disenchanted, moral of the story never buy remotely, people poorly thoughtful are everywhere. What little we have seen from the island is very nice, there is a Hippie community camping on some shores. It’s surprising, we think we’re in the’60s.  We took advantage of this place to clean the hull.