Continuation of the travel around the world

First major sea crossing

For this first three-month trip, we recruited our crew on the crew exchange:

We did not put an ad online post but studied the boarding requests. We contact each person by email, then by skype to better understand each person’s expectations and get an idea of the characters. This is a very important phase because we will all stay for days and weeks in a restricted space without the possibility of fleeing.

Finally there will be:

Jerome at the starboard helm, he's watching.
Jerome at the starboard helm, he’s watching.


  • A long time friend, he joined our project as soon as he heard about it. Novice sailor but big handyman. He has done us many services. He wants to discover the high sea.


Nana and Ludo

Nana et ludo
Nana and Ludo concentrated at the helm
  • French couple (21-22 years old) aiming to travel to New Zealand. She, confirmed, having worked at Glénans, him, novice but very motivated, instructor of Kayak the summer and skiman the winter in resort, thus having some knowledge of the aquatic environment.

    Ryan le Suisse
    Ryan at the map table


  • Swiss (27 years old), he is looking to travel to South America to travel by bike from Colombia to the land of fire on the west side. So he gets on his bike. He’s a novice.

Frederick from Belgium

Frederik le Belge
Frederik from Belgium
  • 50’s in 2018, dietician by passion. He has already sailed in dinghy racing. He is considered confirmed in view of his experience.
Federik Quebec
Federik Quebec

Frederick from Québec

  • in his thirties in 2018, veteran of the Canadian army. He is a novice and is considering buying a boat.
Navigation map Lanzarote Tenerife
Navigation map Lanzarote Tenerife

After a few days of getting the boat in hand by the crew, our first night at sea. Our first travel. Everything is going well, steady wind, nice sea. Everyone takes their marks. A few sick people, you have to get a little used of sea. In Tenerife, we buy a tender capable of transporting everyone. Bad opportunity, never buy without seeing the object. We don’t always have a choice. Our travel around the world on the sea is now open. Finally the world of sea travel is opening up to us. Too short and without vehicle we have only a weak glimpse of Tenerife.

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